Winston CPA Exam Membership

Join the Winston CPA Exam Membership for a more effective approach to studying. 
The membership is available for all 4 exam sections and grants you exclusive access to:

  • Guidance from CPAs who passed the computerized exam
  • Instructor-led tutorials on heavily tested exam topics
  • Monthly coaching calls and accountability check-ins
  • Members-only access to select podcasts and blog posts
  • Post-exam support to navigate your career as a new CPA
  • Instructors with extensive corporate accounting expertise

Curious about CPA exam membership programs?

Watch this video to learn about my CPA exam story, why I created the virtual classroom, and the members-only benefits you get when you join.
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FAR: Bonds Simulation Tutorial

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FAR: Cash to Accrual Tutorial

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Finding Time to Study for the CPA Exam When You’re Too Busy

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Managing CPA Exam Stress & Anxiety

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Important Links for CPA Candidates

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How to Use CPA Exam Blueprints

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CPA Exam Review Course: Regulation (REG)

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CPA Exam Review Course: Audit (AUD)

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BEC: Break-Even Analysis Tutorial

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CPA Exam Review Course: Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)

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The Ultimate CPA Exam Checklist

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CPA Exam Review Course: Business Environment & Concepts (BEC)

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Tackling CPA Exam Simulations

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FAR Exam Review Workshop

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FAR Exam Workshop + Sims

Get your pencil & paper and work through multiple-choice questions and simulations as you get ready for your FAR exam.
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CPA Exam Stress Management

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Reviews & Kind Words

"Nikki's live FAR workshop was extremely helpful."
CPA Candidate
"The FAR workshop was very informative, especially with the MCQs. I find it better to go over the exam material with a live person verses watching a lecture more than once."
CPA Candidate
"I look forward to Nikki’s podcast especially all things CPA exam related and motivation. It’s like I have found my long lost friend."
Podcast Listener
"The FAR workshop was definitely worth the investment!"
CPA Candidate
"This is an awesome podcast. She has a lot of great advice! Take a listen, you will be happy you did!"
Podcast Listener
"If you prefer to a live person tutorial, you should attend this workshop. Nikki does a great job explaining and strategizing the example questions that are given."
CPA Candidate
"Nikki is such a great host and is so insightful when it comes to providing information about business tips & advice! I really like this podcast!"
Podcast Listener

Commonly Asked Questions

What's included in the Content Library?

The CPA Exam Content Library has updated practice questions and exams, real business case studies involving FAR content, tutorials, plus on-demand courses and podcasts published only to members.

How do I sign up for a membership?

Sign up for a membership by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button here

If I sign up for a membership, is there a monthly commitment required?

The virtual classroom membership does not have a minimum or required monthly commitment. I hope that you will maintain your membership until you pass the CPA exam, but I understand things happen. If you must cancel your membership, please note that you will lose immediate access to the Content Library and all members-only benefits.

How much is the monthly membership?

Your monthly investment depends on the membership level that you select. Check out the membership options here.

Do you offer discounts for veterans?

We offer membership discounts for veterans, active military, and spouses of active military. Please contact us to request your discount. Thank you for your service!