Managing CPA Exam Stress & Anxiety by Nikki Winston, CPA

Managing CPA Exam Stress & Anxiety

Situation: I’m nervous about my exam and need guidance on dealing with how to handle the stress of the CPA exam.

Exam day anxiety can creep up on you. Many candidates struggle with anxiety more than learning the exam content. Even when you've studied hard, there's still that last-minute nervousness that will have you doubting yourself and rescheduling your exam. I have felt exactly what you’re feeling 13 times over. This on-demand coaching session provides you with simple ways to calm your fears about your exam, plus some trusted exam-day rituals that will have you walking confidently into that testing center. 

Included Bonus: my exam day ritual that I followed to minimize my anxiety and walk confidently into the testing center. 

Course includes:

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Course: Managing CPA Exam Stress and Anxiety
27 mins
Course Handout: Managing CPA Exam Anxiety
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